Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Legalize Marijuana to Make Our Forests Safe

This year has seen many humongous marijuana grows on public lands, one recent find was estimated close to one hundred thousand plants. These grows endangers any of us that would use public land for recreation. If we were to legalize marijuana it would be grown in fields by farmers using modern farm equipment, such competition would put growers using shovels and picks out of business. Legalizing marijuana would make our public lands a safer place.

The L.A. times is reporting that almost 100,000 plants were found on four farms in the San Bernardino National Forest west of Palm Springs. No arrests have been made.
Prohibition of marijuana is not only a waste of the valuable time of our law enforcement officers. It endangers the public, from swat raids in our neighborhoods, to growers on our public lands. When it becomes legal we will not have dispensaries being robbed, and we would end the Black Market violence seen today.

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