Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Police Waste Time & Money on Prohibition

Sacramento Sheriff McGinness says Marijuana is a herb, one of the best known US Army Generals Stanley McChrystal was caught smoking marijuana. Yet law enforcement continues its war on marijuana and marijuana consumers at a breakneck pace. In California it would seem that with the voters having twice voted for medical use of marijuana. That law enforcement might get the picture. But no, they continue their war on marijuana, business as usual.

One of the things that amazes me is, marijuana growers must be super athletes. They walk into their marijuana patches, that law enforcement need to be flown in and out of. Recently some brave officers tried to hike into a remote marijuana grow. The hike ended badly with two officers flown out by helicopter, one had serious injuries the other escaped with no major injury.

A deputy was injured as he fell off a cliff, pulling another deputy with him during a marijuana grow raid.

The deputy began sliding down the boulder. A second deputy sheriff, Reed Lovan, attempted to rescue him by grabbing the falling deputy’s backpack, according to the Kern County Sheriff's Department. The momentum of the falling deputy pulled both deputies downward, off of the 30 foot cliff, the KCSD reported. Lovan sustained a broken ankle and leg and a shoulder injury as a result of the fall.Sheriff's helicopter, Air Five, extracted Lovan from the ravine where he had fallen.

So now we have a officer that will be out of action for a while as he heals, among the other expenditures to pull up the remote herb bed. The cost of the prohibition of marijuana is skyrocketing and for what reason or cause? I think the answer is as easy as following the money. Our government has been spending billions of dollars protecting the all important profits of certain industries, at the dire expense of the American people.

These industries include cotton (Monsanto), health care, pharmaceutical, law enforcement, drug rehabs, and the prison industry all would lose a large amount of profit if marijuana is legalized.

The truly sad part is, as we push for fair policies on marijuana. The corpse (cooperates) are already lobbying and passing laws that will allow them to jail people for internet piracy. More non violent criminals imprisoned to fill the pockets of the rich, all at the peoples expense. It will cost us not only tax monies, but it will further the suffering of our families that are broken apart for the profits of the elite's. We need to get the corpse out of our political offices, or we will never again know any freedom!

Taxation not Prohibition!


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