Monday, June 21, 2010

5,500lbs Marijuana to Go Up In Smoke

Authorities found 5,500 pounds of marijuana last week in Cook County Illinois, the Sheriff stated that he planned today, Monday June 21, to get a court order to have the marijuana incinerated. Marijuana activist say that would be a waste of the medicinal herb and are asking that if the marijuana tested to be safe that it be donated for medical marijuana use.

Not everyone is high on the idea of burning 5,500 pounds of seized pot.

"Incinerating it is a waste," said Lisa Lange, who smokes marijuana to ease her degenerative osteoarthritis symptoms the Sun-Times reports.

There is little chance of the 5,500 pounds of marijuana being donated for medicinal marijuana, Illinois has not passed a MMJ law as of yet.

I have always thought, that police should donate seized marijuana to local dispensaries or compassion clubs. I decided to do a Google search, to see if police have ever donated confiscated marijuana. From my Google search results the answer is no. I found these three donations of marijuana;

On Friday, employees at a Goodwill store in Marietta opened a donated water jug and found about found four bags of marijuana that together equal about a pound. Police say it has a street value of around $1,500 but because this was an anonymous donation, there's really no way of telling who or where the pot came from

"If anybody would like to come in and claim this "cooler," which is probably an antique, we would love to have them come in and we'll be more than happy to try and get that cooler returned to them," Marietta Police Capt. Jeff Waite said.


Boulder Police are trying to determine who made an odd donation: two pounds of marijuana.

The bag of pot was found inside a clothing donation bin outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore in the 2900 block of Pearl Street Thursday.Volunteers collecting the donations came across a bag with a green, leafy sabstance [sic] and called police, according to Sarah Huntley, spokeswoman for the Boulder Police Dept.

Police Donate 25 Pounds of Weed to Prisoners in Fruit Crate

Prisoners at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice’s Segovia Unit were in for a treat when they received a donated fruit crate from the Edinburg Police Department. Among a variety of fruits
prisoners came across 25 pounds of weed, marijuana, cannabis, or whatever the kids call it these days, when they unpacked the crate in the facility's kitchen on last week.

It is not surprising that police have never donated marijuana that they have confiscated for any charitable use. They are acting on orders to stamp this viscous plant out of existence. Corporate law makers have given the OK to use deadly force in family homes, if marijuana is suspected to be there. The same corporate law makers have enacted law that makes marijuana grow busts so profitable to departments, it has been said that US law enforcement is addicted to marijuana arrests.

The elites have worked hard to make war on cannabis consumers and to protect all their holy profits from health care and pharmaceutical drugs. They do not want to chance loosing any money to MMJ or see our culture turn back to the herbal gardens for many medicinal needs. We should have a choice as to how we are medicated, whether to take pharmaceutical drugs or to use medicinal herbs. There is no excuse for the people to suffer so the elite can make record profits each year.

Taxation not Prohibition!

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