Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Say No to Meg Whitman

Meg Whitman asks the voters to elect her to office, she states once elected she will not sign the marijuana Bill into law. This is very frustrating that she could so boldly defy the will the very voters she is asking to elect her to office.

She is protecting the vast fortunes that the elites have invested in health care, pharmaceutical drugs, prisons and drug rehabs while ignoring the general population and the consensus of the voters. In a capitalist society the protection of their Holy Profits is the first duty of all the Elites. Government has been a means for corporations to achieve even higher profit for many years, not a government for the people.

The answer was shocking. I already knew that Meg Whitman opposed the marijuana legalization initiative. What I didn’t know is that she plans to NOT SIGN the initiative if it passes. That’s right – if she wins the election in November, and voters approve the initiative, she plans on defying the will of the voters and not signing the initiative into law. Her campaign staff told me that they don’t care how much the voters want marijuana legalization, and it doesn’t matter how large of a margin of victory it obtains in the election; she will act as if it never happened.

I can already see it now; the initiative passes and Meg Whitman says, “It’s illegal under federal law, so my hands are tied.” I would like to remind Meg Whitman well ahead of time THAT HER JOB IS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, not the Governor of the federal government. If she was a true conservative, she would cling to state sovereignty and state’s rights, and not cling to false propaganda she heard growing up.


It is very frightening that politician are telling the people we no longer work for you but instead work for the Holy Profits of all the Elites. The fact that another millionaire denies marijuana a chance to legality should be no surprise to Americans, just another elite putting profit above all else.

Just say no to Meg Whitman

and Vote for;

Taxation not Prohibition!

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