Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Medical Marijuana Debunking Law Enforcements FUD

Tom Bergin,a sponsor of Initiative 32 (I-32) which will block all current Medical Marijuana laws and have medical marijuana patients using Marinol or aspirin in its stead. When you have read the article I'm sure you will be angered by the County Sheriff blatantly lying to the public so he could terrorize patients who choose to use medical Medical Marijuana.

A really interesting fact is our Government is growing medical marijuana for $20 a ounce, not $320 to $500 a ounce that is being charged to patients in the current Medical Marijuana scheme.

Dr Phil,
The U.S. Government, which grows it, says Medical Marijuana can be grown for $20 an ounce which makes about 50 MJ cigarettes, maybe more.

Sheriff Bergin,
Marijuana contains about 460 CARCINOGENS.

Dr Phil,
This is totally false and a real surprise. The U.S. Government owns a patent for the use of Cannabis/Marijuana to treat cancer and pure Cannabis chemical, THC, is used to treat cancer patients.

Sheriff Bergin,
Sponsered I-32 which would block all current Medical Marijuana laws and make a new one in which tax payers would pay for or subsidize Marinol costs at about $15 each for “legitimate Medical Marijuana patients” some of whom take 4 a day.

Dr Phil,
We have 35,000 MMJ patients in Oregon and soon will have 40,000 and going up. Marinol costs would be astronomical.

Well worth the read, it shows how much lies and FUD a law enforcement officer is willing to spread because he is addicted to busting Marijuana users.

America Must Wean Law Enforcement From Their Marijuana Arrest Addiction

Taxation not Prohibition!

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