Sunday, June 20, 2010

1,100 Herbal Plants Known to Cure Cancer Seized

Once again the world is made into a much safer place as officers seize 1,100 marijuana plants. Marijuana is a dangerous medicinal herb known to cure and prevent cancers. The elites who own pharmaceutical companies will rest better tonight knowing that officers took these medicinal herbs off the street so they will not endanger their Holy Profits.
Taxation not Prohibition!

Xiao Xia Ting, 31, who was determined to be an illegal alien, was charged with theft of services and unlawful growing of marijuana. Authorities seized more than 1,100 pot plants with an estimated street value of $2 million. They were being grown in several rooms of a Cold Spring house using what police described as “$10,000 worth of high-tech equipment.”

While the FDA has allowed the drugs, Marinol, Dronabinal, Naboline, and the Brits have have sanctioned the use of Sativex, marijuana in its less potent natural state is illegal. The FDA, ONDCP and our Drug Czar say marijuana has no medicinal value, in reality it is very valuable to the population of the Earth as a safe cancer cure preventative, pain reducer, and to many other uses to list. But as a herb that can be easily grown it would cost big pharma $billions. If we were grow our own medicinal herbs it would be so much healthier than eating pills. So what the FDA, ONDCP and our Drug Czar means by no medicinal value is no Holy Profits for the elites.
Taxation not Prohibition!

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