Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Linux is freedom? Whats Linux?

This last weekend I came across this article:

Linux: It's the Freedom You Big Dummy

This Memorial Day weekend reminds us all of those who sacrificed their lives for freedom and to protect a way of life that is based on freedom.
We have the freedom to choose the operating system we use on our computers. We have the freedom to choose the software that's installed in that operating system. We also have the freedom to say "No" to non-free software.
It occurred to me that the people who sacrificed countless hours, talent and money to these free software projects weren't doing it for fame or fortune but to give all of us the freedom to choose. That's freedom.

That was a little to satirical of the Veteran's, so please lower your head and think of those who are dying for our country.

Now back to our Linux discussion, only recently did I learn that Sony had released an update that disables the PS-3's other OS ability. To most people this may not be a big deal, I on the other hand bought a PS-3, just so my youngest gamer in the house could earn that game system by installing and running a Linux distro on it. This was something that really excited him and he is running Xbuntu on it now. If he does the update, no more Linux ever! No update no online gaming!
I did some research on the web and there are 2 to 6 class action suits currently being filed against Sony , I will be looking into these lawsuits to see if there are any that my son and I can enter into. Truthfully I just want the features that were advertised returned so he can play online games and learn Linux on his PS-3.

The feature allowed users of the console to install the widely used and very popular Linux operating system, which could effectively turn the PS3 into a home computer rather than an entertainment system, a feature which was touted prominently in Sony's marketing when the console was launched in 2007.

Following the removal of the feature due to security concerns earlier this month, California resident Anthony Ventura has launched a class action claim against Sony on behalf of "a nationwide class of all persons who purchased a PS3 during the period November 17, 2006 and March 27, 2010 and who did not resell their PS3", describing the removal of the feature as "based on its own interest and made at the expense of its customers".


The internet is a blaze with the the news that Google is dumping all Windows Operating Systems and software, for security reasons, glad I live in a Linux world.

According to the Financial Times,

Google is in the midst of replacing all of its Windows-based desktop PCs with ones that run Mac or Linux, citing security concerns since the company was a target of a hack originating in China back in January of 2010.

This may be something of a shock to everyone, but Google has never really been completely reliant on the Windows platform, so this is a pretty easy “fix” for the company.


In our last article of the day, Brazil shows its self to once again to be a leader in Linux innovation, what a great idea Linux in Schools.

Park Street Sydney, Australia (Press Release – May 27, 2010)- The adoption of open source software for the education sector by the Brazilian government might have seemed like a great milestone but budget crunches have slowed down the implementation of the project in many institutions. The Brazilian government selected Useful, Positive and Thin Networks to supply about 324,000 virtualized desktops in each of the country’s municipalities. That made this educational sector investment by the government the single biggest use of virtualized desktops in the world and the largest single use of Linux desktops as well globally in a massive investment.
The Useful Multiplier, an important part of the software for this investment, works by turning a single workstation into a multi-head machine, though there are certain hardware requirements that are mandatory for its efficient working with about two to ten seats being able to be supported by one desktop.


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