Saturday, June 19, 2010

$20 M of cancer curing herb taken off the streets

Chicago is much safer after law enforcement took 224 bales of the cancer curing herb marijuana off the streets. Once again we see an attack on a important medicinal herb which cures and prevents cancer. Marijuana is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, yet Marinol 100% pure THC the psychoactive component of marijuana is sold by Pharmacies everyday! In the natural plant form or dried marijuana is extremely dangerous and has no medicinal value.

The Cook County sheriff announced Friday one of the department's biggest marijuana busts ever -- a seizure of 5,525 pounds, worth about $20 million and very soon to go up in smoke.

"It was 224 bales of taped packages stacked in the residence," Dart told reporters. Moreno was "someone who was involved at a level higher than just dealing.

"Whether he was at the top is hard to say at this time."

More certain are plans for the cache itself.

"We will retain about 10,000 grams of it for trial," said Kevin Ruel, the department's deputy chief of special investigations. "We will solicit a court order today to have the rest incinerated safely."


The Law is making it hard for the people to treat their ailments with medicinal herbs by calling plants drugs. The law is being manipulated to force the world to turn to prescription drugs for the profits for a few big pharmaceutical companies who own the FDA, rather than allowing us to use plants that have known healing or medicinal qualities. Its time for Taxation Not Prohibition for a healthier world.

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