Sunday, June 20, 2010

High Cost of Seizing 1.500 Marijuana Plants

In an attempt to secure the Holy Profits of the Elites who have interests in Pharmaceuticals. Officers are once again spending tens of thousands of American tax dollars harvesting the cancer curing herb marijuana.

This investigation took two months of police work, plus the time and cost to remove the 1,500 cancer curing marijuana plants. Add to this the cost of vehicles cars, trucks, atv's and a helicopter used to removed the plants.

But wait there is more now the cost of reports and storing evidence needs to be added to the total cost of the investigation.

Then to top it all off:
No arrests have been made, but authorities say it appears people had camped at the sites.

Thats a lot of man hrs and a awful high cost to the taxpayers to seize some medicinal herbs that could have been used to cure or prevent cancer.

The drug bust has been in the works for about two months. Detectives say a citizen spotted some of the plants and called police.

The largest site was found just north of Socorro. The brush was so thick, a National Guard helicopter was used Saturday to carry most of the plants and equipment out of the area.

Taxing marijuana would help eliminate huge costs that are an everyday part of prohibition and would allow the people a safer and healthier life.

Taxation not Prohibition!


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