Saturday, June 26, 2010

Write Away Marijuana?

An article I read at the Telegraph UK this morning gets my blog's attention.

The article: General McChrystal: the fall guy for the president's failure?

By Con Coughlin

The article goes in to details of why Obama was wrong to fire McChrystal and defends the Generals right to speak privately.

Sorry Con, but you can not just write away the use of marijuana by the General.

What the article does not mention is, General McChystal and his aides were engaged in smoking marijuana. The use of marijuana is against the Army regulations and is illegal in both the US and Afghanistan. Why would a writer attempt to find wrong with Obama's firing this Pot Head from one of our Nations most critical Military positions?

It would seem to me that this was another attempt to slander the President that the American People and Electoral College placed in office. Why would Mr. Coughlin do that? Rupert Murdoch owns the Telegraph UK and FOX News among other News sources and he has been pimping Sara Palin as one of the next United States Presidential Candidates. IMHO: Her only qualification for the position is she is undoubtedly a chronic liar and does so at every opportunity. There might be one other qualification, that is if greed is a qualification!

Marijuana is good enough for the Gubinator, our current President and Top Army Generals to smoke, so why can't we smoke it too? Well you can, but you could end up jailed. For doing the very same thing our leaders have done, or that they are doing!

It is not about the dangers of the drug, but rather the profits that are being made by the status quo of marijuana law. Many large companies make profit from suffering cancer patients, such as the pharmaceutical companies and health care industry. Some of the other industries and organizations that profit are, the prison industry, the cotton industry and the law enforcement industry. To legalize marijuana would really upset the billions of dollars in profit that are made from these industries and those that support law enforcement organizations.

Taxation not Prohibition!

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