Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boycott Kellogg's and CORN!

I am sure many of you remember the boycott of Kellogg's over the firing of Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps for a picture of him with a bong. The boycott actually sent the message to Wall Street that angry consumers can be a real concern. Its time for a boycott corn because so much is GMO and there is no labeling to warn consumers as to which is normal or GMO. This is just as serious as the Michael Phelps story as it effects us on all levels of our food chain, as almost all animal feed corn is a Monsanto GMO product. We can not boycott every corn product but if the store shelve stay filled with Frozen & canned corns, tortilla chips, corn flakes, corn oils and corn syrups it would send a message that consumers want safe foods.

GMOs are created by injecting virus and/ or bacteria into a plant or animal cell, along with the DNA of life forms that would never mate in nature (like spiders and goats). There is extensive proof that GMOs are detrimental to health.(1) Monsanto's business practices are corrupt- for example, there have been cases where seed sold as non- GMO were actually contaminated. GMOs are not limited to food; industrial chemicals, plastic and drugs can be grown in plants like corn, and there is an overwhelming chance that you have ingested these chemicals and drugs, if you live in America.(2) Cross pollination is rampant and is an enormous problem, thereby polluting non-GMO farms and endangering America's food supply. Most Americans are unaware that up to 75% of their daily diet is comprised of GMO food.

Do some research and decide if you really want GMO on your dinner table, if the answer is no, tell them so with a boycott on corn. Do not expect our politicians to ban GMO that is not going to happen, so a boycott on corn will show Wall Street we do not want GMO for dinner.

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