Sunday, June 13, 2010

Google Marijuana

What an enormous waste of man power and money is spent on the senseless prohibition of marijuana every year in the United States!

Being a fledgling Marijuana Activist I Google marijuana on a regular basis looking for ideas to blog about, and before I searched to submit stories to Digg. Every time I search I feel frustrated at how easily Law Enforcement gets press and I feel disgusted as I see most of the stories are bragging about their busts which destroy families and lives.

I go through dozens of stories looking for ones that call for the end of marijuana prohibition. I am constantly reading of Grandmas, handicapped, teens and the sick being arrested. It is so frustrating knowing that the police take every cent from these people so they can not afford good legal representation and are left with the choice of borrowing money or having a public pretender defend them.

We have allowed Law Enforcement to lobby our law makers until we have a prison state praying on pot smokers. I lay a lot of the blame back to Richard Nixxon and his desire to get the war protesting Hippies off the White House lawns. So that he and his Hawkish friends could continue profiting from the Vietnam war. I see that we have made little progress with prohibition and medical marijuana voted in by the people is under the Governments attack in almost every state that voters have approved of it.

I often wonder why marijuana is so feared by those that buy and pay for the politicians that run their Government. I have come to the realization that marijuana could devastate modern medicine, being one of the few non toxic cures for cancer and a cancer preventative. We have recently seen how much influence big pharmaceutical and medical insurance companies have with their law makers.

I realize Law Enforcement finds marijuana arrests one of the safest ways for them to bring large amounts of extra money to their departments. But the cost to us the taxpayers for trial and imprisonment is one of the things that is bankrupting our country and to what good?

I ask you my fellow voters to put a end to the tyranny of marijuana prohibition and tell the law makers it is time for taxation not prohibition!


Intelligent opinions and structured debate are always welcomed, but name calling and personal attacks do not belong here, have fun!