Monday, June 21, 2010

Medical Marijuana Denvers Million Dollar Baby

The city of Denver Colorado brought in over a Million dollars of tax in just five months. Numbers like this are what it is going to take to bring an end to marijuana prohibition. What City would say no to over two million dollars a year of extra tax monies! Now this is only the taxes from medical marijuana, there is still a huge amount of black market marijuana going untaxed in Denver!

In Denver it has resulted in an extra million dollars of sales tax revenue!

According to reports from December to April in those five months the city collected $ 1.023.308.67 from various medical marijuana businesses scattered around the city!

In March the city collected $ 226.492.5 the highest reported collection to date.

Smoking medical marijuana has become quite popular with the residents of Colorado.....And the stiff opponents of the herb. Are now seeing the benefits of legalizing the plant!


While Colorado is starting to profit from the common sense approach to medical marijuana, California voters are taking the next step, legalizing recreational use of marijuana. In California one Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman has said she would not sign any bill to legalize marijuana. It would seem Meg has other plans on how to rescue California from its budget blues, does she plan to unload all the states assets on Ebay? The sale of state owned utilities and other assets to private industry allowing the elite's to profit, it is a common practice.

Taxation not Prohibition!


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