Friday, June 25, 2010

Prohibition and Our Tax Dollars

I keep saying the war on marijuana users is an incredible waste of the taxpayers money. Once again lots of hard police work pays off;

Officers of the Woodbury Police Department and the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Guns, Gangs and Narcotics Task Force executed a court-authorized search warrant, capping a two-month investigation.

Two marijuana plants were seized and two people arrested following the execution of a search warrant Friday at a West Street residence

Yes you read that right, two months investigation brings in two marijuana plants. It is bad enough that a police department wasted two months on this investigation, but now there will be court cost and possibly the cost of imprisonment. Two months police work court cost etc, your looking in to tens of thousands of dollars, for two marijuana plants! Yes the taxpayers are expected to see this eradication of a medicinal herb as the saving our society. Saving it from what you ask? Why to save us from more people using marijuana of course, it could take billions out of the cooperate elite's profits if marijuana is legalized!

At this time we need to watch our politicians carefully and rid ourselves of the ones that are looking out for the corporations profits instead of the good of the people.

Taxation not Prohibition!


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