Sunday, June 20, 2010

FDA Approves Carcinogens and Denies USA MMJ part 6

Every day more of our foods are being contaminated in a manic push for profits for some of the richest families on earth. We have seen that these elites show no compassion for other humans as their motivation is greed, greed for money and the power it buys.

Another threat to our food system right now comes from chemicals that are routinely being used in food production. Now the President's cancer report panel came out with an amazing report recently that was issued that talked about the threat of the roughly 80,000 chemicals that are being let loose - the man made chemicals let loose into our environment - and of those 80,000 only a few hundred have ever been tested for their safety.

In China there are over 200 million farmers so it's very hard to regulate what's going on on their farms. There's very little regulation on how they can use pesticides or antibiotics. The farms tend to be near industrial areas so there's high levels of heavy metal contamination of the fields. This is a problem. And it's a problem because this food is coming into the United States largely untested.

The reform of the Food and Drug Administration is absolutely essential because it is responsible for the food safety of 80% of the food that we eat. And right now, that agency does not have the power to recall contaminated food, does not have the power to test for it, and is essentially toothless. More than half of US food processing facilities have gone more than five years without ever being visited by the FDA. And during the last Bush administration, the number of FDA inspections declined. A 2009 study by the FDA's own Inspector General found that of 40 food products, the FDA had no ability to trace back the ingredients of 35 - 35 out of 40, they have no idea where the stuff came from. And 60%, roughly, of the facilities processing food were not in compliance with any kind of FDA record keeping that might help trace where their ingredients came from. Again, this is a disaster waiting to happen. The FDA Modernization bill that is stuck in the Senate will increase inspections, require processors to identify potential risks, and require imported food to meet the same standards as that produced in the United States. It will enable testing of the food for dangerous pathogens and it will give the FDA the power to order the recall - mandatory recall of contaminated products.

The all powerful FDA has no power to recall foods, only the power to allow pharmaceutical drugs to be sold.

The Obama administration organized a food safety working group last year that made recommendations for reducing foodborne illnesses, which sicken an estimated 76 million people in the United States each year and kill 5,000 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The legislation needs to help beef up the FDA, the report recommends -- but the FDA also must develop a better system for overseeing food safety.


With all his talk of safety Obama has recently made a statement that I find mind boggling.

The Obama administration is attempting to reassure Americans that seafood from the Gulf of Mexico is safe to eat amid the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. President Obama discussed food safety yesterday during a trip to the Gulf. "Let me be clear: Seafood from the Gulf today is safe to eat," Obama said.

FDA also says:

The sample collection will target primarily seafood processors who buy seafood directly from the harvester. Monitoring this first step in the distribution chain will help to keep any potentially contaminated seafood from consumers.

That prompts a question: Given the FDA’s struggles in recent years, will the agency have the necessary resources and adequate regulatory muscle to keep contaminated seafood away from consumers?

The FDA, the agency that has kept Marijuana a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance does not have the power to recall contaminated food! This is what happens when we allow industry to regulate its self, regulations are for profit not for the care and safety of the public.

Big pharmaceutical companies fear the cancer fighting and other medicinal qualities of marijuana. They fear it, as we could be going to our own herb patch rather than the medicine cabinet, they fear loses of their Holy profits.

Taxation not Prohibition!

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