Saturday, June 12, 2010

Montana Governor Battles Medical Marijuana

Montana Governor gives press release about Medical Marijuana and has a few humdingers to explain!

Missoula, MT
-- Governor Schweitzer admits, medical marijuana needs tighter restrictions on who gets a card.

So a Dr prescribing marijuana is not a tight enough regulation Gov. Schweitzer, are you Governor better trained in knowing who may be helped by MMJ than a Dr? Dr's prescribe dangerous drugs and powerful narcotic controlled substances everyday (just ask Rush), should they not be able to prescribe a nontoxic medicinal herb?

Some Montana cities have capped or barred new caregivers from opening up shops.

This is a very sad thing that city politicians are setting themselves against the will of the voters of the State of Montana.

Lawmakers have plans on the table that range from legalizing marijuana, to getting rid of it all together. The Governor thinks the legislature will probably have to meet in the middle.

Maybe the Lawmakers & Governor should put the choice to the voters who passed the medical marijuana law in the first place.

" I don't think anybody thought it was going to be snow boarders that were smoking the medical marijuana,"

So Governor does this mean that snow boarders can not have conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana, or is there some special reason they should not be able to be prescribed marijuana?

"So, we've got to get a handle on this. There are thousands, and thousands of cards being issued every six months, and it's probably gotten beyond where anybody intended. So, we've got to get a handle on it."

Schweitzer get a handle on this, the majority of voters in your state voted to legalize medical marijuana, maybe because they thought that medical marijuana might help with their ailments! The Governor seems to be going paranoid from anti-pot frustration, smoke a bowl and chill Dude!

Of course one has to wonder if big pharmaceutical companies don't have their lobbyist working overtime in Montana!

Alaskan Dad

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