Monday, June 14, 2010

FDA Approves Carcinogens and Denies USA MMJ part 2

Amazon: What's In Your Milk?: An Exposé of Industry and Government Cover-Up on the Dangers of the Genetically Engineered (rBGH) Milk You're Drinking [Paperback] Samuel S. Epstein (Author)

I found the picture on Google Images and thought it polite to link to Amazon.

Today I Google'd Monsanto cancer and there were 663,000 hits! Out of those we will look at the ones dealing with Bovine Growth Hormones in part 2 of
" FDA Approves Carcinogens and Denies USA MMJ"

In our first story we see, if you work for Fox news and report the truth about cancer and Monsanto, you get fired!

FOX NEWS Reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre uncovered that most of the Milk in the USA and across some parts of the world is unfit to drink due to Monsanto Corporation's POSILAC®, which has been proven to be a cancer-causing growth hormone.(known in short as "BGH" "BST" or "rBGH" ), but they were fired for trying to tell people the truth.

(Important note: After a long court battle, the Court dismissed the whistle blowers protection for the reporters because the Court stated that there was no law to force that the NEWS state the truth! Fact! Going on to say the NEWS was no different than other TV shows/reality shows!!)

But the FDA has turned a blind eye once again!

If you consumed or fed regular milk to your family today, there is more than a 90% chance that it was from a cow injected with BGH


Now just how serious is the threat of cancer due to BGH in milk, how does it effect America's farmers?

Milk: America’s Health Problem
Why is American Milk Banned in Europe?
American dairy milk is genetically-modified unless it’s labeled “NO rBGH” Genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH) in milk increases cancer risks. American dairy farmers inject rBGH to dairy cows to increase milk production.
European nations and Canada have banned rBGH to protect citizens from IGF-1 hazards. Monsanto Co., the manufacturer of rBGH, has influenced U. S. product safety laws permitting the sale of unlabeled rBGH milk. (Monsanto would lose billions of dollars if rBGH were banned in America.)


We see the FDA had no problem approving BGH, milk and other dairy products that contain BGH for American the consumer, even amidst the evidence that it causes cancer! We can see that the corporate elites would lose billions of dollars if BGH was banned.

Marijuana is one of the safest medicinal herbs ever used by humans and the FDA will not approve it, or even remove it from the Schedule 1 Controlled Substance list. Legal marijuana would cost the corporate elites untold billions of dollars by curing and preventing cancer and other diseases!

Now we know milk in the US is tainted with BGH, look for milk and dairy products labeled no rBGH or stay away from them altogether.

It is almost impossible for consumers in the US to avoid all GMO contaminated products. Recent reports say that 60% to 80% of the corn in the US is GMO. I encourage everyone to boycott corn products while buying your groceries.
Lets send a message to Wall Street "No GMO's for dinner" Boycott Corn!

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