Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marijuana Prosecution Has Always Been Biased in US

United States Army Four Star General Smoking Stanley McChrystal

Today I read several stories on President Obama's decision to replace Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Some of the writers were against the Presidents decision as the General had not disobeyed but rather expressed trivial opinions. While others said that a military man should have shown more restraint when talking with reporters.

Out of six headline stories not one mentioned that the General and his aides had been smoking Marijuana. One thing that stuck out in all the stories that do state, that the Army Officers were smoking marijuana, is no one ever mentions having the Officers being tested for Drug use. Opiates should have been tested for immediately after learning these Army Officers were using marijuana, Afghanistan is the worlds leading supplier of Opium and it's use known to be a major problem among the troops there.

A US General with a Top Secret security clearance can smoke marijuana for recreational use and most writers take no notice of wrong doing. The press is more concerned about the political reasoning of relieving McChrystal of command in Afghanistan, than the fact the top commander was using a dangerous drug.

All of the Officers involved should be required to enroll in ASAP Army Substance Abuse Program as they would require any other Army personnel. We have a president that admits smoking Marijuana, the Governor from the state with the most electoral votes has his Doobie smoking picture floating around the internet. We now have two New York Gubernatorial candidates that are admitting they have smoked Marijuana. According to our current law all marijuana smokers are drug users and as such they are criminals.

It is time to change the law!

It is time for,

Taxation not Prohibition!


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