Tuesday, June 22, 2010

During Debate Sheriff says Marijuana is a Herb!

There is a long standing argument over whether marijuana is a drug or a herb. Today Sheriff McGinness of Sacramento stated, while debating Judge Gray, that marijuana is a herb!

McGinness said he thinks people will avoid taxes by growing more at home."An herb that's relatively easy to grow -- people who are going to make regular purchase of it are going to find a way to do so without paying taxes. I just believe that to be the case," McGinness said.

Mr McGinness you accidentally let the truth slip out, you and the rest of America's law enforcement have been busting your fellow citizens for possessing and growing herbs! If that was not bad enough now you ask Californians to keep the prohibition so you will not lose your favorite past time, busting weed growers for fun and profit!

So there you have it in the words of the Sacramento Sherriff McGinniss Marijuana is not a drug, but a herb!

Taxation not Prohibition!


  1. When did this LEO become a closet LEAP's want to be? For fun and profit? Anybody check his grow?

  2. So it is an Herb. People will grow it to avoid paying taxes. A Sked 1 herb, and MMJ; does anyone see a bunch of stuff wrong with this. Remember this, all of come ballot casting time. Free the Greem, or no vote for them.

  3. A herb schedule 1 Controlled Substance, and marinol and oxy contin are prescription drugs, its all about taking our money & freedom!


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