Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Anti Marijuana Crowd is Violent Terrorists

Last month we seen the fire bombing of a medical marijuana dispensary. Last week two medical marijuana dispensary workers were killed and one wounded. This week has started with the fire bombing of two medical marijuana businesses.

I often find it ironic that those who are against marijuana exhibit traits that they claim marijuana to cause. Here we see brain dead, paranoid people resort to a violent arson attack on law biding business men. This terrorist attack was because the anti marijuana groups are unable to accept the change of marijuana from illegal to legal for medicinal use.

Two medical marijuana businesses in Billings have been hit with firebombs and vandalized with "NOT IN OUR TOWN" spray-painted on their storefronts.

Another case for legalizing marijuana, with only a few medical clinics they are easy targets for the violence of these anti marijuana crowds. By legalizing it anyone can use it for any reason, thus allowing those with any medical needs to have unrestricted use. Marijuana is one of the safest medicinal herbs and has been used as such for thousands of years. 70yrs ago it was made illegal to promote pharmaceutical drugs and wood fiber paper among other things.

The prohibition of marijuana was hurried through the law making process and was not pushed for by the people. With the prohibition of alcohol the Temperance League had pushed for a change, it lasted 14yrs from 1919 until 1933. Time for marijuana prohibition to end!

Taxation not Prohibition!

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