Sunday, June 27, 2010

Oregon Gubernatorial Candidate Dudlely a Dud for Marijuana

Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Dudley will not give Oregon voters a straight answer on his position on marijuana. This is a serious problem when for the voters of Oregon which was the first state to decriminalize marijuana. How can you elect a leader who is already avoiding the important question:

"What is Chris Dudley’s stance on marijuana issues in Oregon? Specifically, how does he feel about legalization, the current state of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and whether or not Oregon should allow medical marijuana dispensaries?"

The answer from his campaign headquarters:
Week one;
"We are not sure, we will get back to you"

Week two;
"He has not issued an official stance on any of your questions."

Week three;
"If this is that same guy that has been calling all week, Chris Dudley has not issued an official position on marijuana, and probably won’t before the election, so quit calling."

Chris Dudley voted less than half of the time in the last 13 elections. While he was a professional athlete, he didn’t vote AT ALL.

I hope that this message gets out to all the voters Dudley is not being open and honest about his stance on marijuana, how could anyone trust such a deceptive candidate. I wonder if the question was phrased differently what his answer might become? I might just have to call him and ask;

" I am a conservative voter and would like to know how you plan to handle Oregon's Drug problem, what does he plan to do about marijuana which is getting out of control in Oregon?"

I really wonder how his campaign HQ will answer the question, we shall see!

Taxation not Prohibition!

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