Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cops Love Marijuana Busts But Hate Meth Busts

Years ago I watched a program where a law enforcement officer explained that Meth Busts were not profitable to the department. Where as with marijuana grows they usually got cash, homes, cars, guns, and many other expensive toys. Today I sat looking at my Google search results, News last twenty four hours Marijuana 24,086 hits! Somewhere that officer talking about the profit difference came to mind. So I did a Google search News last twenty four hours Meth 66 hits, what is wrong with this picture?

It shows that police are backing away from meth busts because their departments are less likely to make a profit. Meth is known to cause violence and is considered one of the most destructive drugs on the streets. Marijuana is a non toxic herb that should never have been outlawed, and its use does not cause users to be violent.

We see our law enforcement has become addicted to marijuana busts as a form of easy money. While they avoid Meth as there is little or no profit in arresting the violent users or cooks of the Meth trade. Arresting people for possesing or growing medicinal herbs seems to be our law enforcements main obsession these days.

Next I searched Google News and in the last twenty four hours a whopping total for crime 142,513 hits. Could I have been wrong in my assertion that police are more concerned about the profit, making herb busts their main occupation? I decided to add -marijuana to the crime search criteria, the results dropped to 36,859 hits. I know this is not the most reliable polling method ever used, but I also feel the results show law enforcement has a huge problem with their priorities. I feel our lawmakers have stacked the deck with funding and writing law that makes marijuana busts the priority of law enforcement officers across the country!

Taxation not Prohibition!


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