Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Judge Gray Debates Sheriff McGinness Topic Weed

When it came to facts Judge Gray was really terrorizing Sheriff McGinness over the effects legalization of marijuana would have on California. Where Judge Gray cites his facts the Sheriff resorts to opinions and speculation of his own rather than any type of researched data. Once again the MSM is spreading FUD, in the form of the non-facts from law enforcement about marijuana.

The two law enforcement figures offered competing views today in a Sacramento debate over the November initiative to legalize marijuana beyond current medical use, allow small residential cultivation and permit local governments to tax and regulate pot sales.

While the retired judge cited a state Board of Equalization estimate that legal pot sales could generate $1.3 billion in total tax revenues in California, McGinness argued that the initiative is flawed and may actually create new black market for untaxed marijuana.

"I think the revenue to be gained is likely negligible," the McGinness said.


A ridiculous statement Mr Sheriff, why would anybody go to the trouble to find black market marijuana to purchase when they could buy quality weighed marijuana at a local store or Weedmart. That would be like fearing a black market of home brewed beer would ruin the ability to tax legal beer. Another example would be tobacco and its taxes, the state profits more than it loses to the black market, and so it would be with marijuana and its Taxation!

Mr Sheriff you were debating a bad position and replying to cited facts with improvisation and personal opinion is not a proper way to debate an argument. Judge Gray was the lawn mower and your ass the grass.

To me the best part of legalization is I would no longer hear of law enforcemets kicking in doors, intimidating at gun point, aresting, shooting people and or their pets over a safe herb that man has used medicinally and recreationally for over 4,000 years.

Taxation not Prohibition!

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