Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Makes Marijuana So Dangerous?

                                        Big Buck$ Big Infact!

Today I was surf'n through the marijuana news and came across a story warning those of us that use the National Forest of the dangers of marijuana growers and of course to report any growers you may happen to come across.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

International Petition To End The War On Drugs


End the War on Drugs! 

Citizens all over the world call on the UN and world leaders to end the devastating, ineffective 50-year-old war on drugs and demand a new policy based on decriminalisation, regulation and education.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alaskan Activism Blog gets a makeover today and we commemorate our first year!

I was asked to move my menu to the right hand side of the blog and have articles on the left side to make for easier reading. I thought this was cool until I remembered that had caused a problem. I took a screen shot to show the bigger pics interfere with the menu. I decided that rather the resize all my old pictures it would be simpler and and beneficial (I like some big pics) to move the menu back to the left hand side of the web page.

Since I was playing around in design I changed the template and managed a few other items, added a few new gadgets including the email notification at the bottom of the page. Really I just gave A~A a quick makeover, but it still the same great blog it always was!
While playing around today I realized my blog  was a year old on May 20 2011, I have learned a lot and had some great fun here over the past year!

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!

Thanks for reading!

Our kids, our tax dollars, the police and their Big High School Sting Operation

Sometimes the news is good sometimes it's bad and other times it really makes me mad. One of the things that really ticks me off is reading of the taxpayers money thrown away on hair brained marijuana cases.
So here is the deal, a 20 yr old police woman went to high school to bust some 16 to 18 year olds for marijuana.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bust Criminals - Not the Cannabis Community!

It seems more people are coming to the realization that marijuana aka cannabis is safer than alcohol. Even so we are also seeing our legal system fight to maintain the status quo of the war against the cannabis community. One has to ask why this would be the case when there are more dangerous drugs and crimes that endanger the public much more than cannabis?
The Answer lies in the presidency of Richard Nixon and his determination to escalate the Vietnam war.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WA Governor to ask Feds to reschedule cannabis

This is a major point in end the war on cannabis and the destruction it wroughts upon the people!


When the Controlled Substances Act was created in 1970 a blue-ribbon commission was chartered by President Nixon to study marijuana’s proper placement. The recommendation in 1972 was that personal cannabis use should be decriminalized and it should not appear in the scheduling. Obviously Nixon ignored those suggestions.
Forty years later we live in the ‘Just Say Drug War’ era. Still, the status of marijuana has always been overseen by Congress and the President. They have been the quiet players at the poker game thus far. But the increase in aggression by the DEA and US Attorneys has produced an interesting result.
When the Washington state Legislature recently passed a bill to regulate a dispensary system for patients the fed came down like a ton of bricks on the political process. Governor Chris Gregoire (a former US Attorney in her own right) vetoed the bill. But then she turned around to announce plans to bring together the now 16 medical marijuana Governors in a unified lobby for re-scheduling to category II.
Gregoire currently leads the National Governors Association. Having the elected leaders of these states actively seek an end to federal cannabis prohibition could be a significant pressure point on Senators and Representatives in Washington DC.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time To Put Marijuana In Every Home

Take a few minutes to listen to this important message:

I hope you enjoyed that!

Free Cannabis
End Prohibition now!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marijuana Activists Crash White House Webpage in Response to DOJ Threats


On Tuesday, I asked the enormous online community at to help send a message to the President in response to the recent federal effort to shut down medical marijuana programs around the country. Reddit users voted to make this issue a top priority, resulting in an absolutely massive viral letter-writing campaign directed at Obama's website

Only the White House could tell us how many messages they received, but if this is any indication, I think we got their attention:

Be sure to send the White House a message, they are back online and really need to hear from the cannabis community. Tell Mr Obama that cannabis laws are not something to laugh about!

Free Cannabis
End Prohibition Now!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two months since Fukushima nuclear disaster began

I plan to keep updating this article as more information comes out. 

Update May 21 2011

Nuclear plant workers suffer internal radiation exposure after visiting Fukushima

 The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said it received the data from power companies across the country that measured the workers' internal exposure to radiation with "whole-body counters" and recorded levels of 1,500 counts per minute (cpm) or higher. In 1,193 cases, workers had internal exposure to radiation of more than 10,000 cpm. Those workers had apparently returned to their homes near the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant or had moved to other nuclear power plants from the Fukushima No. 1 and 2 nuclear power plants.


Friday, May 6, 2011

Medical Marijuana and Hope

Across these United States millions of people are hoping to get away from powerful addicting prescription pain killers and move to a safe non lethal herbal remedy, that being medical marijuana. Their hopes are being destroyed by our current president Barrack Obama as he allows the US attorneys to threaten states whose voters want MMJ made available to the very sick.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Marc Emery's Plea to Vote on May 2nd

A few quotes from Marc Emery's blog:

Remember the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989? After 38 years, it just came down; no one predicted it. History was made by people making history, peaceful history, defying the powerful despots of East Germany. Then all the other Eastern European commissars and dictators were cast aside into the 'dustbin of history' within a year of that momentous but unanticipated event. Who knew the power of removing another brick from a wall?

In Canada, we are about to see a historical event happen this Monday May 2nd, days away. We are about to see what could be the New Democratic Party government of Canada, relegating the tyrant Stephen Harper and his evil Conservatives to that same dustbin where other tyrants lay obsolete and despised.
Be sure to pop over to Cannibis Culture to read the full article!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

President Obama

I have only recently acquired a working higher than dial speed internet, I am now able to watch youtube video's. That said I was very excited to watch the Presidents 2011 White House Correspondents' Dinner, from which I learned a lot.

I now see Obama can crack the most outlandish and pugnacious of jokes and keep a completely straight face. That was something I had not understood before voting for him. I hope he can understand that next election my vote as a cannabis activist who believes in Medical Marijuana will be for some one else. That little joke of his about letting states decide the issue and that he would call off the federal war on MMJ in states that approved it, was not funny at all!