Thursday, May 26, 2011

What Makes Marijuana So Dangerous?

                                        Big Buck$ Big Infact!

Today I was surf'n through the marijuana news and came across a story warning those of us that use the National Forest of the dangers of marijuana growers and of course to report any growers you may happen to come across.

So why are marijuana growers dangerous and how come they are growing their crops in our national forests and other public and even some privately owned lands.

The only reason anyone is in any danger is money. The extremely high price that marijuana brings on the Black Market or as Medical Marijuana makes a very dangerous situation for everyone.

One must understand there are many desperate people that look to a marijuana crop as a way to pick themselves up and get out of the economic crisis. Some will take the hard way and spend months working to grow a crop, always fearful that law enforcement might catch on to them. Then there is the rippers that scour the woods and watch for grow houses that they can thieve upon. Rippers love the fact that a grower, even a medical marijuana grower is highly unlikely to call the police and risk legal problems.

Why do we have growers on so many public lands is once again about the overly inflated value of marijuana brought on by prohibition. You don't see people sneaking around in the woods planting spinach and tomatoes. But there was a time when we did have people hiding in the woods distilling alcohol. Well come to think about it there was a lot of moonshine'n, smuggling and danger during the prohibition of alcohol, as there is growing, smuggling and dangers with the marijuana prohibition.

One might wonder if the true danger may come from acts of prohibition that are against the publics wants or needs!

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!

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