Monday, May 2, 2011

Marc Emery's Plea to Vote on May 2nd

A few quotes from Marc Emery's blog:

Remember the Berlin Wall coming down in 1989? After 38 years, it just came down; no one predicted it. History was made by people making history, peaceful history, defying the powerful despots of East Germany. Then all the other Eastern European commissars and dictators were cast aside into the 'dustbin of history' within a year of that momentous but unanticipated event. Who knew the power of removing another brick from a wall?

In Canada, we are about to see a historical event happen this Monday May 2nd, days away. We are about to see what could be the New Democratic Party government of Canada, relegating the tyrant Stephen Harper and his evil Conservatives to that same dustbin where other tyrants lay obsolete and despised.
Be sure to pop over to Cannibis Culture to read the full article!

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