Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our kids, our tax dollars, the police and their Big High School Sting Operation

Sometimes the news is good sometimes it's bad and other times it really makes me mad. One of the things that really ticks me off is reading of the taxpayers money thrown away on hair brained marijuana cases.
So here is the deal, a 20 yr old police woman went to high school to bust some 16 to 18 year olds for marijuana.

Police and school officials teamed up five months ago. They planted a female officer in her 20s and fresh out of the police academy to look the part of a studious senior.

Now even school officials and police must know that boys would try there hardest to score some weed for a hot twenty year old women, even more so to one pretending to be a senior in their school.

"The officer was able to gain the confidence and trust of these students to the point where they were willing to sell marijuana to her," said Maj. Richard Silva, the interim police chief.

  These kids were certainly not drug pushers if it took 5 months to buy or sell pot to or from 7 of them in a manner that smells of entrapment! Oh and they got one kid who must have graduated, if he was a dropout I am sure the article would have informed us.

Seven current students and one former student were arrested for buying or selling marijuana. All the students are between the ages of 16 and 18.

"It was a shock that it all happened so unexpectedly. I think a lot of kids are scared now. It's a huge wakeup call for a lot of people," said Carissa Martins, a student.
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But what really makes me angry is that the school and police are busy slapping themselves on the back congratulating themselves for spending 5 months arresting 8 kids for pot. Now what will this really cost the community, salary for the police officers 5 months investigation, court costs, probation, juvenile detention, counseling. And what the kids that are now afraid of their classmates.
While I certainly do not think kids should be smoking pot, I do feel that police should be involved in investigating real crimes not creating petty kiddy crimes.

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