Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Montana's Safe Kids Safe Community Empowers Drug Cartels

Drug Gangs are fueled by the money made from illegal drugs not medical marijuana

Montana's Safe Kids Safe Community Empowers Drug Cartels

Montana and their News Agencies....err umm.... make that "Propaganda Machines" are laying the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) on so thick that they are getting ridiculous. The new campaign against the medicinal herb is named "Safe Kids Safe Community" which is pure FUD and a dangerous lie.

If you take away medical marijuana then you have Black Market marijuana which brings the drug cartels into the picture. The Politicians in Montana should read a little world news and they would see that the drug cartels and their street gangs are much more dangerous to their children and communities.

I ask Montanan's would you rather have local people growing pot for people who have a prescription from a Dr to use the medicinal herb marijuana. Or would you rather have these outsiders in charge of distributing marijuana and other drugs in your state, it is really a choice of one or the other!

A coordinated series of law enforcement raids across 16 states this week resulted in the arrests of 429 people accused of participating in smuggling and transportation networks for Mexican drug cartels, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. announced Thursday.

Officials seized $5.8 million in cash, 2,951 pounds of marijuana, 247 pounds of cocaine, 17 pounds of methamphetamine, 141 weapons and 85 vehicles.

Those raids were part of a larger, 22-month effort, called Project Deliverance, in which a series of related operations aimed at delivery networks resulted in some 2,200 total arrests and the seizure of 74.1 tons of illegal drugs, the Justice Department said.

If you read the article linked above it paints a picture of the world being a safer place now because of the raids. Have you not heard that every time there are major busts, remember it was all the Columbian cartels, the Jamaican drug posse's. Oh and remember the spraying of paraquat on Mexico's pot fields, well none of it really made you any safer. The fact remains drugs and gangs are still on the streets of every city in the United States.

Safe Kids Safe Communities are those in which Dr's can prescribe the medicinal herb marijuana to anyone they feel it may help. Rather than having your local snow boarders buying pot from violent gang members, who also sell hard drugs.

Kidnappings in Phoenix and executions in Alabama last summer startled Americans not used to the cartels' violence.
It's easier to draw a map of the cartels' regions of control in Mexico than in the United States. Most big cities such as Chicago have all the major cartels represented, though federal and local law enforcement sources agree that Juarez is the dominant cartel controlling the flow of drugs into Chicago.


Marijuana is safe as it does not influence it users to violence as the use of alcohol is known to spawn domestic and other violence. Marijuana is much safer than opiate based prescription pain killers which are close to being heroin, just ask Rush about those little pills. Marijuana is also non-toxic so you are not intoxicated while under its influence.

Montana your state should hire the farming of medical marijuana out to local farmers and co ops. Tax it and sale it to those who have prescriptions for a fair market price. Thus taking the huge amount of profits from the Black Market and away from Drug Cartels and their Street Gangs.

Drug raids endanger everyone in the community from officers to citizens and even pets are not safe with crusading SWAT teams being out of control.

Taxation not Prohibition for Safer Kids Safer Communities!


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