Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Drug Czar "Gil" Doing His Job, Lying to America!

I read this FUD* report on drugged driving and decided to expose its virtues, that of those who disclosed it and the press that would publish it.

FUD Fear Uncertainty and Doubt:
A tool to manipulate and control

Gov't: Drugs were in 1 in 5 drivers killed in 2009

Drugs were reported in nearly 4,000 drivers who were killed in 2009, or 18 percent of the nearly 22,000 drivers killed last year. In 2005, drugs were found in the systems of 13 percent of the more than 27,000 drivers killed in car accidents.

The tests took into account both legal and illegal drugs, including heroin, methadone, morphine, cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, LSD, prescription drugs and inhalants. The amount of time the drug could linger in the body varied by drug type, the researchers said, so it was unclear when the drivers had used the drugs prior to the fatal crashes.
Aspirin, nicotine, alcohol and drugs administered after the crash were excluded from the tests.

The first glaring lie is one of omission, they carefully chose to leave information on alcohol out of the report. So if a drunk driver crashed it could be counted as a Drugged Driving accident instead of Drunk & Drugged which is a very important difference. We have tons of reports and information showing that alcohol can and does cause traffic accidents.

The next important omission is they are not testing for caffeine. Using the same methodology of testing, I am positive we could show that over 60% of drivers that are involved in fatal accidents have caffeine in their system. Yes that drug caffeine the one thats in coffee and many soft drinks, energy drinks and it is even sold as an over the counter (otc) drug.

                                    Is Caffeine Addictive?

Marion Howard

As exams approach, students everywhere reach for their coffee mugs, their Vivarine and No-Doz. Legions of wide-eyed and shaky young people stay up late into the night, printing out final papers and cramming a year worth of information into their over-burned minds. Falling asleep over books is not acceptable at this time of year. But this is not a new thing; many students have a late-night lifestyle supported by caffeine, getting an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. These young people are a part of the nearly 80% of Americans who depend on caffeine (1). They use it to stay awake when their bodies tell them they need to sleep.

  Most agree that drinking caffinated beverages forms dependence, but those defending caffeine dismiss this as trivial while others see it as a very unhealthy cancer on society. The reality is somewhere in between. Caffeine is addictive but it is certainly not a strong physical addiction, for it is relatively easy to stop taking caffeine. The true addiction is psychological and is the most widespread addiction on earth.


Your probably getting anxious and thinking why should caffeine be tested for in fatal accidents. After all caffeine keeps us awake and alert, this is exactly the problem. Many people who are driving under conditions of fatigue and are extremely tired. Will stop at the local dinner for some wakem up juice (coffee) then head right back to driving down the road. Well we all know, neither caffeine nor coffee are certain to keep a person awake. Yet no one is testing for this drug that could be responsible for untold numbers of traffic related deaths each year.

Why is the ONDCP and Drug Czar Gil pushing their flawed number of drug related traffic deaths on to the American public. Why, because Prop 19 scared them, with the polls showing over half the United States wants cannabis to become legal, they are doing the same thing that the Government has done the last 80 years when it comes to cannabis, lying to us.

Yes; the Government is once again putting their FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) propagandizing machine into full swing. They want every uninformed citizen in the US to fear driving on our roads with drugged drivers. The Government wants every uninformed voter to vote against the legalization of cannabis! Our Government rules by fear and manipulation of the public with FUD, through a modern gush of yellow journalism.

the Drug Czar is Required by Law to Lie

Most people know that the “drug czar” — the director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) — is an advocate for the government position regarding the drug war. But not everyone knows that he and his office are mandated to tell lies as part of their Congressional authorization. 

The only way to end prohibition, is by spreading the truth. Fear and lies are the enemy of the cannabis activists. The blog is our friend, start your own blog to spread the truth about cannabis!

It seems I made a mistake ONDCP report is even further from reality.
Comment from Redditor: Badfish73
I just want you to know AlaskanDad that you have it all wrong. The NSTSA did the report that you quoted with 18% of drivers drugged. Then, the ONDCP came out with a press release that says "One in Three Fatally Injured Drivers Tested Positive for Drugs". Yeah, that's right, the fuckers are just making up numbers.
I actually called the ONDCP since they were nice enough to provide a number just so I could ask where they got 33%. They of course couldn't answer and said to E-mail.
It would seem Czar Gil is really doing his job!

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