Friday, November 5, 2010

Danger Cannabis Prohibition

Danger Cannabis

We would all love to believe that cannabis is a harmless herb and that it does not cause people to behave violently. Cannabis was the flower power of the 60's "love" generation. Cannabis was never known to cause aggressive or violent behavior, just think "Flower Power".

Sherman, Peabody here... Set the way back machine to 1965....

Today we still have cannabis, but it is no longer $10 to $30 an ounce. Todays cannabis is ten to twenty times that price. This newly found value comes with more costs than simply the cash price. Cannabis is causing violence our 60's friends would have never believed possible.

Todays high priced black market cannabis has become so expensive that it attracts the criminal element. In the old days the only worry was, officer O'Malley, might take your bag. Now if O'Malley, was in a bad mood and you had a big ole fat bag. Officer O'Malley, just might run you into the station house and book you. That could be a real problem as you were stuck in jail until you make bail.

For Millions of cannabis consumers around the globe prohibition and "The Black Market" has made cannabis into big money.

Today our growers have a new danger, armed robbers. Criminals know that pot is worth big bucks and a grower can't call the police or they will happily arrest him. Last year Nothern California saw one of these armed robberies of a grower go terribly wrong.

Prosecutors alleged Rampone drove her boyfriend Michael Huggins and three others to an Olivehurst home in 2005 to steal medical marijuana. Huggins shot and killed two men guarding the pot during a struggle.


Because of the modern prohibition forcing High Black Market Price's of cannabis. We now have people being shot for growing a safe medicinal and recreational herb. Cannabis Demands such a High Price due to the Prohibition, this is the true Danger of cannabis.

Free cannabis from it current dangerous Prohibition, allow it to again to be known as a peaceful herb, proudly growing in the open sunlight.

Say No to Prohibition!


  1. Its all about GREED!

  2. Give it up, pot will never be legal.


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