Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oletteko kannabista

How to say Do you smoke cannabis in Finnish: Oletteko kannabista

Well here is another internet cannabis tour,
this time we explore Finland.

The Finnish Cannabis Association (FCA) (Finnish: Suomen kannabisyhdistys; Swedish: Finlands Cannabisförening, commonly referred to by the acronym SKY) is a Finnish non-governmental organisation whose purpose is to advocate legalisation or decriminalisation of cannabis.The FCA started operating in 1990 and was officially established in 1991.


It would seem the Finnish Government is actively pursuing cannabis prohibition.


2. Cultivation
This is one of the real drawbacks with the new law. Even small-scale cultivation of cannabis qualifies as "production", which is automatically considered more serious than personal use. We have tried to point out that this actually favours the illegal drugs trade by providing a disincentive for users to grow their own.


Where to buy marijuana: Finland is a non tolerant country when it comes to "drugs" and most of the people think that marijuana is the same as heroin etc., so don\'t go asking around from random people.


Since Finland was so anti-cannabis, I immediately decided to Google alcoholism.

Finland please look into SaferChoice.Org

In 2005, the Finnish government reduced its tax on alcohol by a whole 40 percent in an attempt to discourage heavy consumption on booze cruise ferries to Estonia and Russia, where alcohol is tax free, and thus very cheap. According to the Health Ministry, the result of that tax slash was a sharp increase in binge drinking within Finland itself.


Cannabis use would be so much healthier and less harmful than alcohol for the citizens of Finland.

Even with a strict Government playing prohibition games the youth is learning the safer habit of cannabis.

Finnish Students Smoking More Weed

The institute surveyed the drug habits of 103,346 people between the ages of 14 and 20 living in Southern Finland, Eastern Finland and Lapland. ‘Cannabis use has increased in every age group’ stated chief researcher Riikka Puusniekka.
At the same time, consumption of both alcohol and tobacco has ‘decreased’ amongst young people, leading Mrs Puusniekka to wonder if ‘cannabis is replacing these.’



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