Thursday, November 25, 2010

Decriminalized vs Legalized Cannabis

Decriminalized vs Legalized:

I have many problems with decriminalization, a few being;

1) User may be forced into treatment programs, for cannabis?

2) No legal means to procure or own drugs, we do not need a ticket nor should we have our stash stolen from us.

3) Cultivations would most likely still be a felony, cannabis is a herb that we should be allowed to use and grow!

4) Distribution would most likely remain a felony, sell someone that begs you a bag and go to prison!

5) Decriminalization leaves the black market and law enforcement in a position that currently brings great harm to many members the general public each year!

Edit: Reddit comment from cambridgecamouflage

Decriminalization brings its own problems that legalization would solve.

Although it is sensible in the way that it prevents users from experiencing unreasonably harsh consequences for smoking marijuana, decriminalization creates problems that are perhaps more serious than the ones that it solves.

Decriminalization makes weed more inviting for people to try and consume by lowering the legal stakes of getting caught, and as a result, demand is going to increase. The problem in this arises from the fact that marijuana at the wholesale and distribution level--the level supplying the increased demand--is still highly illegal. This leads to (as we have seen in Massachusetts) increased violence related to marijuana dealing at the bulk/wholesale/distribution level.

Of course, legalization is the best remedy. When wholesale is regulated, and consumers go to the store rather than a shady apartment, public safety issues arising from marijuana sale and use will cease to exist, just as public safety issues from the sale (but not necessarily the consumption) of alcohol ceased to exist when alcohol was legalized.

I think every pro-legalization citizen needs to be able to offer an argument that shows how the economics of prohibition create incentives for violence. Yeah, it is just a plant, but that argument doesn't cut it when arguing policy.


Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition!

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