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Har (du) røget hash

Har du røg hash - or "do you smoke cannabis"?

Edit: Thanks to "thecipher" (@Reddit) I now know the phrase actually means:
Have (you) smoked = Har (du) røget.
Thanks! :)
A Big thanks to all of you @reddit that replied to my mistake!

Now you might ask why an Alaskan would say something like that?
Well there is some Dane in my family tree. So I thought it might be interesting to see how the language looked. And I really wanted to see what the response would be to posting Har (du) røget hash - or "have you smoked cannabis" at Reddit. :)

Hash banker stashed millions in secret depot

A young man, who acted as a banker for cannabis dealers and their customers, is being charged with hiding millions of kroner in a secret depot in Denmark. According to Copenhagen police, over the past year, up to DKK 50 million (USD 9.4 million) was stashed in a hotel room in the city.


Photo: preamp

Jan 2010
Denmark is looking at borrowing a page from the Netherlands' approach to cannabis, as the Copenhagen City Council examines a plan to set up state-licensed marijuana stores to remove the trade from the control of gangs.


For some reason I have always interested in cannabis consumption outside the United States. Greenland has always interested me, here is the little information I've found on cannabis use in Greenland.

GREENLAND Here is an article John Yates translated from the Finnish newspaper, Hufvudstadsbladet.
Cannabis trade out of control.
It is impossible to fight the massive cannabis trade in Greenland as it involves the whole of society according to Hans Haahr, chief of Greenland's Drug Squad, in a statement to Radio Greenland.
The Drug Squad estimates that the trade in cannabis is worth 75 million US dollars, which is equivalent to nearly 10 per cent of the annual gross national product, including the economic assistance from Denmark. This makes the cannabis trade Greenland's third largest industry measured in annual turnover.


This is a very obscure uncyclopedia entry;

Eric The Red orEirik Raude in Norwegian (950 - 1000)
he took his ships, and headed for a unknown country. Finally he reached the yet called "Greenland". He called it Greenland because of the giantic cannabis fields he planted when he arrived. Because of Eric, Greenland became the richest country in the world.


Have you ever wondered if Icelanders smoke Budz?


Icelanders consume between 1,5-2 metric tons of hashish and marijuana every year that's about 6-7 grams a person per year.

Almost 30% of the country has at one time or another tested (tried) cannabis. Although it's hard to confirm this number since even the most hardened smokers deny smoking marijuana in polls and wont sign the demand for legislation form, afraid of the list falling into police hands and being used to persecute smokers.

Depression vs. cannabis… again.

In the great depression that preceeded the second world war one of the main issues in USA was the war against drugs. Especially the war against cannabis. It was finally banned. A ban that has been citizised “bluntly” every since.


It would seem that cannabis prohibition is a worldwide problem!
If your interested in the end of cannabis prohibition...

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