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Germany: Rauchen Sie Cannabis

Do you smoke cannabis? Rauchen Sie Cannabis

An Internet journey into Germany's cannabis laws and trade. I hope you enjoy this collection of cannabis articles and pictures.


Marijuana, Made in Germany


A Booming Business in Illegal Cannabis Plantations

German cannabis plantations are now edging imports from Morocco and Afghanistan out of the market. The trend began after the Dutch government began driving growers out of the country. But police in Germany are also cracking down, using helicopters and infrared cameras to ferret out illegal hemp cultivators.

It is assumed that the marijuana leaf on shoulder is to help the drivers stopped for screening, to understand what is representative of law enforcement is looking for.
In most German states are allowed to store up to six grams of marijuana for personal use. In May 2010, it became known that in Berlin are going to increase this limits up to 15 grams. It is worth noting that the authorities are free to establish limitations on the amount of cannabis, which can carry.

From July through Sept. the Internet was rabid with articles Germany was legalizing medical cannabis, I searched further to find the truth...

Drug War Chronicle 

Germany to Approve Sativex, But Not Medical Marijuana 


The German government has modified its drug laws to reclassify marijuana from Annex I (no medical use) to Annex II, as long as it is "intended for the productions of preparations for medicinal purposes" -- not raw marijuana.
since a German court ruling forced the government's hand, they can apply to the government for special permission to use medical marijuana.

Only about 40 patients are permitted to use real raw cannabis, and they must buy their medical marijuana from a Dutch supplier, Bedrocan, in German pharmacies. They cannot grow their own, and no one can grow it for them, either. 

FTA: "So, none of this changes, and now the wonderful news that Germany will be the next country where Bayer can get richer by selling Sativex," 

I had to comment on this line, as it was exactly how I felt when I was reading the above article, it is all about greed and power!

I searched trying to find if their was any truth to rumors of cannabis being legal in Germany. I found several references to a paper in German that said 10 grams was legal, but links
 High Times in the German Capital
Berlin Set to Relax Cannabis Laws

A new marijuana policy could make it legal for individuals to posses up to 15 grams (0.5 ounces) of the drug in the German capital. The regulation would make Berlin among the most cannabis-friendly in Europe.
Berliners have long enjoyed their city's soft stance on marijuana. It's not uncommon to see someone taking a deep drag on a joint in a city park or rolling one in the back of a café.
Now, though, the German capital may take a further step toward becoming one of the most weed-tolerant in Europe. The city-state's top health official told SPIEGEL that she plans to raise the amount of marijuana and hashish one can possess to 15 grams (0.5 ounces).
German federal law prohibits the possession of marijuana beyond a "small amount" but leaves it up to the states to determine exactly what that amount should be. Most states, including Brandenburg, which surrounds Berlin, define a "small amount" as 6 grams. Until now, Berlin has allowed the possession of 10 grams.

Oli is a medical marijuana user and grower from Germany who has over 10 years of experience photographing his buds. He started out by growing in cornfields, and now has a large garden with over 60 types of herbs, fruits, vegetables, and a variety of cannabis. Oli has grown over 40 strains, indoors and outdoors, and documents his work with a Nikon D300 camera.

It could soon be legal to posses up to 15 grams of cannabis in Berlin -- a street value of more than €120.

Updated: 28/03/2009

Smoking tolerance level: [1= very illegal 5=virtually legal]: 4.9

When Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder took office he moved the position of drugs commissioner to the Health Ministry, removing the law enforcement focus it had as
part of the Interior Ministry.

"Consumers of drugs are not criminals and should be exempt from criminal prosecution," said Drugs Commissioner Christa Nickels. Marijuana advocacy group NORML reports that German judges often forgive possession of small amounts of cannabis.

"Drug use itself is not a criminal offence, however acquisition of drugs is a crime, regardless of the amount acquired, resulting in one month to four years imprisonment and an 'appropriate' fine," NORML said. "In practice, the courts often waive prosecution if drugs are obtained for personal use."

Germany's Supreme Court in 1994 overturned federal laws outlawing cannabis products, but the decision runs afoul of legislation that still lists cannabis as a criminal substance.

My humble opinions:
 I am disappointed with Germany's handling of cannabis laws, and their not allowing medical use of real cannabis is a grave disappointment. Germany makes a very lucrative market place for cannabis with legal possession, but there is no legal way to get it, that is baiting and setting a trap.

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