Thursday, November 4, 2010

Black Market Cannabis Prices Endanger The Publics Safety

Black Market Cannabis Prices Endanger The Publics Safety

Today, Marijuana is often shown in the news as the cause of violent situations. I think everyone knows "Reefer Madness" does not really happen. By that I mean people do not smoke pot and turn into violent crazed criminals. But as the Black Market marijuana prices soar ever higher, with prohibition closing the free market, we have the dangers that high priced marijuana brings to our society.

A recent Rand Report said, the price of weed could have dropped to $38 an ounce. if Prop 19 passed. Though be honest; when I'm in the produce section of the grocery store. I think cannabis should be as cheap, as the rest of the fruits and vegetables. Now how often do you hear of shooting or robbery for a bag of spinach or some rutabagas.

I hear of homes being destroyed by pot growers, remodeling (removing walls) to make homes into grow shows, plus the water and mold damages. Growers have been the cause of many fires, from the overloading electrical circuits. Indoor grow shows need to be regulated, as the to amount of power consumption that may be use for growing in residential neighborhoods.

So here we have prohibition harming the public in three distinct ways, all stemming from its obscene Black Market Price!

1) Violence related to the High Black Market Price
2) Destruction of personal property (homes destroyed) due to High Black Market Prices
3) Growers causing Fire Danger in our neighborhoods due to High Black Market Prices

One more quick thought, how much electricity that is being wasted growing, because prohibition is creating the High Black Market Price making indoor growing profitable!

You realize that pot grows just fine outdoors, the main reason it is grown inside is to hide the plants from law enforcement.

Taxation not Prohibition!


  1. Actually the main reason to grow inside is to have complete control of the environment, allowing higher yield and better quality.

  2. i think the above comment should say that ""the main reason to grow in a house is because of prohibition" , "and that a legal outside greenhouse/ glasshouse should be used to have complete control of the enviroment and would be much safer for the public and property just my thoughts : )

  3. Small personal grows aren't the source of all these fires and electrical problems.
    It is the large scale indoor grows that are doing it for profit, usually in a very ghetto and cost-efficient manner, leading to fires.

  4. Also, if the growers weren't afraid of arrest they might have sought the help of an electrician.


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