Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kouříte konopí - and Cannabis in the Czech Republic

How to say Do you smoke cannabis in Czech - Kouříte konopí.

Czech pot smokers exhale with relief over new drug law

Czech pot smokers have breathed a sigh of relief after the government clarified a law on drug use, turning the country into one of Europe's safest havens for casual drug users.
Under the more transparent and liberal law in effect since January, people found in possession of up to 15 grammes (half an ounce) of marijuana or growing up to five cannabis plants no longer risk prison or a criminal record, but can only be fined if caught.

Prague Post

CANNABIS Police uncovered an illegal cannabis plantation in an industrial zone in the Vysočina region's town of Třebič, the Czech News Agency (ČTK) reported Nov. 8. They discovered a total of 5,000 cannabis plants in an old warehouse and arrested three foreigners suspected of illegal production of drugs. The men face prison sentences of up to 10 years.


With cannabis legal for use, common sense would be to have marketing in place. Instead cannabis users are limited to possession 15 grams, which is just over a half ounce, without any legal system of procurement. So here we have another legal system that puts both the grower and dealer in very a precarious situation. On one hand we have a market, on the other hand there is no legal means to supply the market. Though users may grow up to 5 plants, if your not a gardener, or have no growing space, then you are stuck buying off the black market.

Karlín trade fair draws European cannabis supply firms

Cannabizz Fest was a a tightly-coordinated trade fair that's been a couple years in planning, according to organizer Jiří Tomášek, who organized the event with several other associates interested in hosting the first of its kind in Prague.
"We invited the very top companies, and a lot of them even contacted us before we had a chance to ask them," he said. "They know the Czech market is growing, and they want to be here. It's a business for them, and if the market in Eastern Europe is opening up, they want to be here for that."
Cannabis prohibition is still raising its ugly head in the Czech Republic. Though users are no longer filling the Czech prisons growers and dealers are still in danger under the current law. We really need to see the end of cannabis prohibition and the prejudices that are derived from it.

End Prohibition Now!


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