Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cannabis Should be Sold Like Alcohol, Not Through Drug Dealers!

Cannabis Should be Sold Like Alcohol, Not Through Drug Dealers!

As a parent I worry about children and drug use, not so much cannabis. I do not advocate kids smoking cannabis, though I know that it is safer for them than say, raiding the liquor cabinet. Cannabis right now does represent a real danger to our kids. How could this be you ask? Pot is a safe medicinal herb, how could it be a danger to my children? The truth is that cannabis is not a gateway drug, the sales system (The Black Market) is the Gateway.

If you went to the liquor store and bought weed you would not have a street savvy salesperson (the pusher man) enticing you to buy other drugs. You would walk in make your purchase and be home safely.

Now here is where things get really interesting;
If cannabis was legal the most popular drug in the US would no longer be sold on the streets through dealers, so if Law Enforcement is tipped off to drug dealing activities it would more than likely be dangerous drugs. So legalizing cannabis would not only stop the dealer Gateway effect, it would also make it much easier for law enforcement to uncover the Hard Drug Dealers.

Now you might have heard the myth that cartels would push more Hard Drugs if they lose the marijuana market. This is BS as they would much rather smuggle Hard Drugs as they take less space and brings a lot more money per kilogram. Face it many Americans smoke pot because it is a milder drug than alcohol, why would they want to use Hard Drugs?

Zogby Poll

If hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine were legalized would you be likely to use them?

99% SAY "NO"

Just think for a minute, what might have happened to their Drug War, if the following arrests had all been Hard Drugs instead of cannabis arrests! Think about how much safer the world had been for our children!

US Arrests
Year Total Arrests Total Drug Arrests Total Marijuana Arrests Marijuana Trafficking/Sale Arrests Marijuana Possession Arrests Total Violent Crime Arrests Total Property Crime Arrests
2009 13,687,241 1,663,582 858,408 99,815 758,593 581,765 1,728,285
2008 14,005,615 1,702,537 847,863 93,640 754,224 594,911 1,687,345
2007 14,209,365 1,841,182 872,720 97,583 775,137 597,447 1,610,088
2006 14,380,370 1,889,810 829,627 90,711 738,916 611,523 1,540,297
2005 14,094,186 1,846,351 786,545 90,471 696,074 603,503 1,609,327
2004 13,938,071 1,746,570 773,731 87,329 686,402 586,558 1,644,197
2003 13,639,479 1,678,192 755,186 92,300 662,886 597,026 1,605,127
2002 13,741,438 1,538,813 697,082 83,096 613,986 620,510 1,613,954
2001 13,699,254 1,586,902 723,628 82,519 641,109 627,132 1,618,465
2000 13,980,297 1,579,566 734,497 88,455 646,042 625,132 1,620,928
1999 14,355,600 1,557,100 716,266 85,641 630,626 644,770 1,676,100

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