Friday, December 31, 2010

Trees non-profit

Trees non-profit:
"Working for the human rights of cannabis consumers".

Our Trees non-profit has just begun to sprout

We are in that exciting state of affairs that includes the filling of positions to learning the strengths of our group. As the holidays come to an end the CORE group will be tuning in on quite a few of the steps of registering as a non-profit in California.

One of our priority goals is choosing our Organizations Name, what you ask you have no name? At the moment there are several suggestions some witty, some sassy, and of course some that are smart.

So why haven't we chose our name yet? Because the name and branding are one of the most critical choices of any start up. We need a unique Brand that defines our non-profits goals without alienating our group from the established reform groups, MPP, NORMAL, LEAP, and SAFER and etc.

We have a great group with a multitude of talents, with computer skills, poets, songwriters, business owners, lots of students and various writers. People of all ages and from all walks of life will be adding their diversity to make us a unique niche force in the pro-cannabis movement.

One of our goals is maximizing communication with goals of establishing both Internet and physical communication techniques. From songs and rhymes to the power of the Internet, we will spread the word "The time to end prohibition is now".

Another of our CORE goals is education, one focus will be showing recreation with cannabis is safe. In todays society we have our law enforcement imprisoning and even killing people over various cannabis related crimes, this is an enormous violation of cannabis consumers basic human rights. The herb cannabis has a history, 6,000 years of use by humans for both medicinal purposes and as a sacramental herb that was used by several religious sects. The seed was a very important food source in old China, and is also known to have health benefits. There is a lot of information that we feel every voter in the world should possess if we expect to make a change.


At "Trees non-profit" our New Years Resolution is:
"Working for the human rights,
of cannabis consumers"

Happy New Years! 

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


Intelligent opinions and structured debate are always welcomed, but name calling and personal attacks do not belong here, have fun!