Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mexico: Countless Juarez residents flee 'dying city'

                    Mexico: Countless Juarez 
                     residents flee 'dying city

Residents of Ciudad Juarez arrive at the airport of Veracruz, Mexico. They call it the exodus of the 'juarochos': thousands of Mexicans who had immigrated in recent decades to Ciudad Juarez, the most violent city in the country, have returned in recent months to their regions of origin due to fear of crime. 

I admit it saddened me to hear the recent violent drug wars in Mexico have killed more 3000 people in Juarez this year (2010). It is sad that prohibition is causing death and destruction not only in Mexico, the United States, but many other countries around the world. Maybe we can put a end to prohibition in an effort to bring stability to citizens of Mexico!

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