Saturday, December 18, 2010

Legal Cannabis Would Cause Alcohol,Tobacco and Prison Profits to Plummet!

I read this in a comment section and found it to be "Words of Wisdom"  so I added it to my blog, and put up a few appropriate pictures.

Legalizer wrote:
Give people the legal option and the alcohol use will drop.

In fact did you know that Tobacco companies and the Alcohol industry are the primary donors to "The Partnership for a Drug Free America".

Did you know that Geo Group, formerly Wackenhut, trades for good or bad on the stock market based on how many people are incarcerated in their private prison systems?

They received 20 to 30 thousand dollars of your tax dollars per year, per person.
There are over 2 Million people in prison, in America today.

Did you know that 60% of people in American prisons are non-violent drug offenders?

Did you know that 80% of illegal drug users are simply marijuana users?

That legalizing cannabis would reduce the profit of corporations like Geo Group by 80% overnight?

Prohibition isn't about anyone's health or 'protecting children and teens".

Its about making money.

Supporting prohibition is supporting greed and corruption at ever level of society and government.

Prohibition supporters are either too involved in the scam, or too stupid to live.

We have a 'war on terror', super tight security everywhere, yet the drugs keep flowing.
In fact heroin from Afghanistan has quadrupled since America invaded.

Guess who is flying all that heroin into this country.

Edit: Big Pharma would lose billions of Dollars of profit too!

Free Cannabis
End Prohibition Now!


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