Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Words on Florida & Medical Marijuana

Today I read this story about the problems Florida is having with Pain Clinics and a pharmaceutical black market.  And I cherry picked the following line out from the article because it represents the monumental importance of safe nontoxic Medical Marijuana.

The delays are frustrating officials such as Florida drug czar Bruce Grant, who says unregulated pain clinics are contributing to an epidemic of prescription overdose deaths in the state -- about seven fatalities per day.
I hope that the people of Florida respond to this crisis with logic and with the understanding that many of the people on pain killers need meds that are not deadly narcotics. MMJ could help not only with pain management but has been used in the past to ween people off deadly narcotics. There is a need for volunteers to get the truth out, gather votes and collect money for People United for Medical Marijuana - Florida PUFMM, if you can help or are interested click this,

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