Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mexico's Drug Arrests Lead to Dangerous Overcrowding of Their Prison System: US Private Prisons to the Rescue!

I was reading about the recent jail break at Nuevo Laredo, where 140 prisoners escaped. After reading several articles, what really caught my attention was the explosion of prison populations, they quadrupled in just 4 years. I think we should be taking a serious look at the living and safety conditions of the Mexican prison system. I also must wonder, if the US funding Mexico's Drug War is causing multiple human rights issues in Mexico?

The number of inmates in the eight-prison federal system has exploded since Calderon launched a military-led offensive against drug traffickers four years ago. The federal prisons now hold 12,450 inmates, compared with 3,000 in 2006. 

I will admit;  that legal cannabis would not end all drug problems, though it would surely be beneficial to many of Mexico's citizens. One must realize that a legal cannabis trade could curb cartel activity and give Mexico;s farmers a much needed cash crop. When th U.S. ended the prohibition of alcohol jobs replaced criminals and the Government received taxes, instead of a violent black market.

As an afterthought, I did a Google search to see if the corporates were maneuvering to make stock profits off the violent tragedy of Mexico's drug war.

Contracts for four private prisons - Panorama: Mexico - to be awarded by Mexico - Brief Article

MEXICO plans to grant more than US$300 million in contracts for four private prison.  LINK

The next short article is well worth the read.

Gov. Suggests Building Prison In Mexico

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger floated an unusual suggestion Monday on how to cut the state's bloated prison costs with a private venture -- build a private prison in Mexico.

Prisons for profit are just another sign the "War on Drugs" is a "War on the People!"

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