Thursday, December 9, 2010

California policeman rants about prop 215 and insults the voters

Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends posted a link, to a California Motorcycle officers blog. The more times I read his blog, the madder I have become, not only is he rude and arrogant, he insults the majority of California's voters. Here is a small quote from the MotorCop blog, please be sure to read the rest. 

Let's talk about Prop. 215. What's that? It's California's (I swear I'm not making this up) Compassionate User act of 1996. Could they have come up with a more touchy-feely name? Oh, that's right, I live in California. We're not called the Left Coast for nothing

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While you're at MotorCop's blog check out the slide show of an officer riding wheelies and jumping a state police motorcycle. I find their abuse of state property a insult to the tax payers who paid for these police motorcycles.

Read his blog and you will see the unbelievably negative opinions MotorCop holds for the general public, I find it very disturbing that this man can be on any police force.

As voters across the United States continue to enact State Medical Marijuana laws. Voters need to put pressure on all levels of Government, to rein in these rogue law enforcement officers, that feel they are above voter enacted laws!

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  1. a friend in law enforcement once told me that many motorcycle cops are so because they have difficulty getting anyone to ride in a car with them.


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