Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Granny Storm Crow's List

Granny Storm Crow's list is the most comprehensive list of ailments that are cured with the use of cannabis. This year she has added some very important information on why cannabis is such an important part of our lives...
It can prevent cancer!
as well as cure it!

Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List- July 2011

This year’s message to all of you is a little different. I am going to be explaining a major scientific discovery- the Omega-3 / CB1 connection, and how it affects your healing with cannabis! But to understand fully this discovery, we need to revisit Biology 101.

Every cell in your body has tiny chemical receptors all over the cell’s “skin” or cell membrane. These receptors work kind of like an ignition switch- you put the right type of chemical “key” into a receptor and it “turns on” some kind of action. The type 1 cannabinoid receptors (CB1s) are the ones we are interested in looking at. They are found both in the body and the brain.

“Turning on” a CB1 receptor with either an endocannabinoid that your body makes, or a phytocannabinoid like THC, can result in many different things occurring. A cancer cell may be “told” to die through a process called apoptosis, it may activate a basic instinct such as nursing, soothe an irritated digestive tract, or simply ease your pain. The CB1 receptors in your brain are the ones to blame, or praise, for the cannabis “high”.

Every time a cell divides, whether it is a brain cell, or a body cell, it needs to make new “skin” to grow back to its full size, and that involves making a whole bunch of new receptors.

And this is where the cutting-edge science starts-- to make functional CB1 receptors, you absolutely need Omega-3! In “Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions”, the Omega-6-rich “western diet” is implicated in our declining mental and physical health. The “ideal” proportion of Omega-6 to Omega-3 is around 3 to 4 parts Omega-6 to every 1 part Omega-3. Our “western diet” can deliver up to a 50 to 1 ratio! 

Time to reschedule and legalize cannabis!

Free cannabis!
End Prohibition Now!


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