Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CAMP to lose state funding

It looks like California Governor Jerry Brown might put a stop to the wasteful spending of millions of dollars of state money on the flying circus known as CAMP.

But this may be CAMP’s last summer. The state budget signed by Gov. Jerry Brown last month eliminates its financing as part of the widespread cuts to programs in law enforcement, courts and social services.
“At this point I don’t think we know what would happen to CAMP next year,” said Lynda Gledhill, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Kamala Harris.
The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has vowed to keep financing its part of the program, but since CAMP is operated by the state, the state’s money appears crucial for it to continue. CAMP’s 2010 operations cost taxpayers more than $3 million. The state contributed $1 million, and the D.E.A. contributed $1.6 million. The state budget for 2012 cuts $71 million from the Division of Law Enforcement, including the narcotics bureau.
In the program’s early years, CAMP agents were known to buzz backyards in their helicopters and all but lay siege to some North Coast communities. Over the years, though, the focus has shifted to state, county and federal parks, which Mexican drug cartels and other large-scale growers have found to be excellent locations for illicit farms, the authorities say.



 Nearly 10,000 Marijuana Plants Removed in Madera County

The sad fact is that while CAMP portrayed them selves as making our forests safe. While in truth they are a part of prohibition of marijuana that has caused a steady increase in marijuanas value, until it has become so expensive that crops are guarded by armed guards.

It is time to re-legalize marijuana and allow the people to use and grow it, rather than clinging to the failed status quo of a war against to keep profits flowing for private prisions and the giant pharmaceutical companies.

Free  Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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