Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Attention Washington Voters - Think Sensible Washington!

                          Washingstonians vote wisely!  

There is a new initiative getting a lot of attention in Washington state, one that is better than todays cannabis laws though still lacking and leaving many facets of marijuana illegal.  I find it strange that there is an absurd 1oz possession limit  on cannabis which no one has ever over dosed on, yet Washington state has no possession limit on alcohol from which many people have died from over indulging.

The New Approach Washington initiative:
Under the initiative, distribution to adults age 21 and up would be through state-licensed marijuana-only stores; production and distribution would be licensed and regulated by the state Liquor Control Board; and strict rules would be adopted for advertising, store location and license eligibility.

The law would limit personal possession to one ounce of dried bud. It would still be a crime to grow or deliver even a small amount of marijuana, except by licensed producers or stores.

The new approach seems to leave an awful lot of ways for law enforcement to arrest members of the cannabis community. Growing, delivery and even possession (over 1oz) are still crimes and as such will be costing taxpayers money. This initiative is not the answer for the cannabis community, nor is it really what the voters want or need. It is a diabolical plan to allow law enforcement to keep the on going drug seizures from growers and small time weed dealers.

 The sensible Washington initiative I-1149 will allow growing and personal sales which makes a lot more sense than the states being the monopoly of cannabis sales. Lets face it the Washington state government is not ready to supply the entire cannabis community, which in reality already serves its self. It just makes good sense to make the right change the first time rather than continuing the war on the cannabis community! 

The initiative is simple: it removes all criminal penalties for possession, use, manufacture or delivery of cannabis among adults and directs the Legislature to create taxation and regulatory system as appropriate.

Want to sign the I-1149 petition click here to find out where you can sign in your area.

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Support sensible Washington and:

Vote YES I-1149 

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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