Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Greece - Μήπως καπνίζει χασίς

Time for an Internet virtual tour of Greece and the famous Greek Isles.

FYI: The English word cannabis is taken directly from Greek.

Our first search is to find out about cannabis laws in Greece:

Greece Marijuana Laws - Cannabis Legal Status in Greece

Offences and penalties related to personal use
As with all drugs, cannabis-related offences are punishable by up to one year's imprisonment, which the offender can choose to exchange for treatment if it is the first conviction. 

Next we take a look at price and availability at webehigh.com:

Where to buy marijuana in Athens:
"very easy to find marijuana hashish and everything else(....) is on geraniou str, menandrou str, evripidou str. and theatrou square(all are just a footstep from omonia square (the most central sity square). " 

          Ikaria Islands
Ikaria is very lenient on cannabis any real stoners guide that mentions greece that leaves out ikaria hasnt done their homework. Ikaria is the humboldt county/jamaica of greece so to speak and every year the cops confiscate 1000s of plants but never make any arrests.

Where to buy marijuana: every beach on the evdilos side of the island people smoke every evening and at Nas in particular. also panagiria which are festivals help at churches that serve local wine are known gatherings for serious heads you will find hashish or marijuana or you can neither see nor smell. 

Marijuana prices: 2-12 euros depending quality. Often times it is given free to travelers, so play your cards right, be friendly and you should do just fine!! 

Nuns at a Greek Orthodox convent near Thessaloniki thought 30 large cannabis plants growing in their garden were "decorative bushes."

In my opinion Greece looks like it could rate high times for a cannabis vacation!

on a side note I chose to blog about Greece because of the many hits AA has had from there!

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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