Thursday, June 16, 2011

The No Knock Law Is Extremely Problematic

 Whats behind the door?

Get on the ground!
I said on the ground now!
Where are the drugs!

The no knock law was created to stop criminals from being able to destroy drugs before the police could enter the premises or for instances where the suspect is known to be dangerous. I say it does not legally apply to marijuana raids!

Here is my reasoning as simple as it might be...
In the fraction of seconds it takes to knock and identify your self there is little chance that any significant amount of marijuana could be destroyed. Then lets look at a grow house, why bust doors and come rushing in with weapons drawn ready to kill?

In a recent event in the conservative state of Arizona a drug raid with guns pointed at a woman and her baby ended with her husband dead for attempting to defend her against unidentified armed invaders that were busting into his home. No marijuana was found in the home.

Lets think about cannabis in dollar value a pound of good bud is worth $2,500 no way you can flush a pound down the drain. Lets think smaller a quarter pound might be flushed, but it would leave plenty of evidence, dry green pot would be hard to get rid of in the toilet. Where am I going with this, simple any one with less than a quarter pound of weed can hardly be considered a drug dealer. Such petty amounts of cannabis should not be cause for law enforcement to enter a home with intent to use deadly force (if necessary) and if there is more cannabis than that they need not worry about their evidence being destroyed.

Now your hard drugs are very different than marijuana and you could flush a sizable amount such as a small time dealer might have, but large amounts are not very likely to be destroyed in seconds.

Here is another interesting article on the no knock law:
No-Knock Search Warrants and the Fourth Amendment

Update from Salem News:

American Police and the 'No Knock Raid'

Knocking and identifying the presence of law enforcement officers could be saving lives and property.

But then that might make sense and we all know this is a nonsensical War on Drugs.

Free Cannabis,
End Prohibition Now!


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