Thursday, June 30, 2011

Looking At Montana's Medical Marijuana By The Numbers

I think we have all have heard the old sayings, just the facts or just give me the numbers, well today we look at both in Montana's battle over medical marijuana.

Considering the many medical uses of marijuana, that there are thirty thousand medical marijuana patients in Montana which has a population of near of nearly one million is not an excessive number. The fact the majority, over 276,000 voters passed I-148 the medial marijuana law shows us there was an considerable interest in medical marijuana. That also means that 89% of those that voted for I-148 are not using medical marijuana or under 11% of the voters who approved I-148 are medical marijuana patients.
The 2010 census put Montana's population at 989,415 and of of those 3.03% are medical marijuana patients. Montana's population has seen an increase of 87,220 people, or 9.7 percent, since the year 2000 a few of which it would be fair to assume actually moved there to be able to use medical marijuana.
Election statistics from: 
Montana Secretary of State’s Office

Now we will crunch a few more numbers into this:

A report for the President's Cancer Panel, a three-person panel that reports to the U.S. president on the National Cancer Program, said approximately 41 percent of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime and about 21 percent will die from cancer

Now if you consider those with cancer, chronic pain, other diseases that medical marijuana can help and the patients that want off addicting pain killers, I think the 3.03% figure is way to few medical marijuana patients for Montana.

On an interesting side note it seems a Montana Judge is seeing some problems with the new more restrictive law that was to have gone into effect on July 1:

Judge blocks parts of Mont. medical marijuana law

HELENA, Mont. -- A judge on Thursday blocked Montana from prohibiting commercial medical marijuana operations, saying that ban on profits from pot sales will restrict access to patients and deny people the right to seek health care.

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