Tuesday, June 7, 2011


 Richard M Nixon was impeached from the office of president of the United states for his abuse of the political system in the Watergate scandal. Nixon was a white collar criminal who would not accept defeat and did not mind breaking laws nor ignoring morals to get his way.

 Truly Watergate was just the violation of his political opponents and not comparable to Cannabisgate aka the war on drugs. The real reason for war on drugs was Nixon's attempt to keep our world in turmoil and perpetuate the Vietnam war and insure there would be future wars. Imagine the lives that would  have been saved if the sixties war protesters had not been defeated by Tricky Dick and his dirty tricks.

 There are those in power that do not want wars to end and have no compassion for their fellow humans. There are many leaders that see no wrong in following laws put in place by a criminal politician whose goal was to perpetuate wars amongst the citizens of our wonderful planet.

  I had always known that it was crazy to put people in jail for marijuana. Now I know there were truly evil ulterior motives to the war on cannabis community which are the strengthening of a worldwide police state as well as the continuation and promotion of international warfare.

It is truly sad that Nixon's lesser crime cost him the White House. While his greatest crime Cannabisgate is one that the worlds suffers from today and one we will continue to suffer  into the future.

Now just to show that Nixon truly acted with malice I ask you to look into the Shafer Commissions report:

 Marijuana was classified as a Schedule I substance... TEMPORARILY pending the findings from the Federal Governments own commission. The commission concluded the federal government was over prosecuting marijuana users, and that is was releasing misinformation specifically designed to scare and confuse the public. Regarding this issue. Mr. Shafer's report was so comprehensive, covering many facets of the issue, and his findings were so poignant, the federal government could not refute ANY of the findings from The Shafer Commission. Using the powers of remedial intellect, and reviewing the factual statements above, one has to question the validity and the legality of the governments policy, which is the continuing prosecution and imprisonment of marijuana offenders, despite the conclusive findings from the Shafer Commission. How can the government choose to not only ignore its own findings, but also continue to perpetuate fear and misinformation? How can they ignore the conclusion of the commission to not prosecute and decriminalize
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Edit: I just found article this which adds another perspective to the crimes of Cannabisgate 

Vancouver, British Columbia (CNN) -- U.S. taxpayers have spent an estimated $2.5 trillion on the "war on drugs" since former President Richard Nixon first declared it in 1971. With the U.S. federal government so far in debt, it is well overdue that this type of expenditure come under greater scrutiny.

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